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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Italian Mini Submarines

The Naval Special Services Group (SSGN), numbering 1,000 marines, is responsible for conducting unconventional operations at sea and along the shoreline. Delivery or insertion of maritime special forces includes fixed- wing/helicopter low-level parachuting, light craft beaching and underwater conveyance, for which the navy operates at least three Cosmos Class MG110 miniature submarines (SSI) and some swimmer- delivery vehicles.
On the basis of design developed by PN Dockyard, this type of mini submarine has been constructed at PN Dockyard. These mini-submarines can be used for various purposes like attacking enemy units in harbour with Frogmen/Charriots, at sea with torpedoes, at shore installations by commandos etc. other uses include mine laying, defensive barrier in shallow waters, advance pickets duties, intelligence gathering etc.
Although the Italian Navy pioneered the use of human torpedoes (known today as swimmer delivery vehicles or SDVs), in today's Italian Navy there are no midgets. However Cosmos of Livorno has sold a number of midgets abroad. The SX 404 type sold to Pakistan in the early 1970s have been replaced by three [or possibly four] Italian-built SX-756-class midget submarines, delivered in 1988. These displace 40 tons and are capable of diving to a depth of 100m. They can carry six swimmers and two SDVs, as well as 2 tons of explosives (globalsecurity).


Length overall
27.28 meters
Height overall
Pressure Hull Diameter
Pressure Hull Length
102 tons (surfaced),
110 tons (sub-merged)
Operation Depth
In excess of 100 m
Test Depth
In excess of 100 m
Max. speed (surfaced) 
9 KTS (on diesel engine)
Max. speed (submerged)
6 KTS (on batteries)
Over 1000 NM on diesel engine, Over 40 NM on batteries
14 (6 operators + 8 commandos)
Torpedo Firing Tubes, Mine Laying Hooks