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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Indonesia Java International Destination at Submanrine Memorial

For travelers, Indonesia Java International Destination event will be interesting because this cover many aspects about Indonesia, including the history. Did you know that Indonesia long time ago has become one of the most feared army in Asia? One of the military equipment of the most feared in the heyday of these are submarine. In 1962, Indonesia has 12 Whiskey class submarine made by the Soviet Union. This type of submarine is one of the best in his time. That is cause enough fear Indonesia at that time, including the Western countries. You can visit the Submarine Memorial named Monkasel in Surabaya City.

Since the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, the Republic of Indonesia Navy (Navy) on strengthening the submarine fleet. Indonesia initially tried to make their own submarines in 1947. Then since 1959, Indonesia began to strengthen the sea with a fleet of submarines that Soviet-made SS type Whiskey Class type. In 1962, Indonesia has 12 submarines with torpedoes weapons.

All of these submarines is new. In Indonesia Java International Destination the visitors can visit the Submarine Memorial. In Submarine Monument area, you can see a submarine is large enough.

The name of this submarine is KRI Pasopati with hull number 410. The length of the submarine is 76 meters by 6.3 meters wide.KRI Pasopati submarine is a submarine type type Wishkey SS Class. KRI Pasopati submarine built in 1952 and began to be used in Indonesia on December 15, 1952.

In Submarine Monument or often called Monkasel you can also enjoy various other facilities. For example you can watch movies in Video Rama serving submarine in the history of Indonesia. You can also enjoy the music on stage presentation that there are still open in the area Monkasel. Meanwhile, you can exercise at a jogging track are provided. And you can also enjoy a variety of food at the food stalls located in the area Monkasel.

Sure visit Submarine Monument or Monkasel during Indonesia Java International Destination can be an educational tour. You and your family can know more about one of the Indonesian navy is powerful submarine.

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