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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Missing U.S. WW II sub found by film crew

A Toronto television production company says it has located the wreckage of a missing U.S. submarine that was sunk in 1944 in the South China Sea.

World War II submarine USS Flier (SS 25) in port in California in 1944. It was later sunk by a mine in the South China Sea and remained missing until a Toronto film crew located it in the spring of 2009. U.S. Navy photo handout by yap films.
In a news release, yap films said the U.S. Navy had confirmed the wreck they found was the World War II submarine USS Flier (SS 25) that sank and was lost since Aug. 13, 1944.

The Flier was a 1,525-ton Gato class submarine built at Groton, Conn., and went into service in October 1943. Of the 86 men aboard when the vessel hit a mine, 14 escaped, but only eight survived the swim to Palawan in the Philippines.

The sub was found at a depth of 330 feet by the father and son dive team of Mike and Warren Fletcher, who star in the "Dive Detectives" series that airs on The History Channel in Canada and the National Geographic channel elsewhere.