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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Raytheon Gets $28.1M Order for 8 Sub HDR SATCOM Antennas

Raytheon in Marlborough, MA received a $28.1 million firm-fixed-price modification to a previously awarded contract (N00039-08-C-0115) for 8 submarine high data-rate (Sub HDR) SATCOM antenna systems.

Sub HDR SATCOM Antenna

The Sub HDR (OE-562) antenna, which provides 2-way 256 Kbps data rates via satellite, is deployed by raising a mast-mounted antenna above the surface while the submarine remains submerged at periscope depth.

The OE-562 Sub HDR antenna, along with the OE-538 multi-function mast antenna, replaced the AN/BRA-34 submarine antenna…

The Sub HDR system connects to the Global Broadcast Service, the Milstar satellite constellation, and the Defense Satellite Communication System (DSCS) satellite constellation to send and receive information such as secure wide-band multimedia, voice and data traffic, imagery and video teleconferencing. The system receives on the Ka-band and has the capability to expand to the higher capacity Ku-band.

Raytheon’s Sub HDR multiband SATCOM antenna system (pdf) is designed for Virginia Class submarines, but can be used on other classes of US and UK submarines. The Virginia Class subs have 2 Sub HDR masts that allow simultaneous extremely high frequency (EHF) and super high frequency (SHF) communication.

In the 1990s, Raytheon developed HDR technology and has delivered more than 70 Sub HDR systems to the Navy under previous contracts totaling more than $160 million.

Raytheon will perform the work in Marlborough, MA (69%) and St. Petersburg, FL (31%), and expects to complete the work by December 2010. This contract was not competitively procured because Raytheon developed the submarine antenna under a development contract (N00039-04-D-0033), which was competitively awarded Oct 23/96. The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command in San Diego, CA manages the contracts.