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Monday, December 13, 2010

Nuclear powered submarines in the Brazilian market

Navy forces in Brazil are making huge plans to introduce new nuclear powered submarines. They are planning to purchase 20 conventional submarines and 6 nuclear powered submarines.

The development of first nuclear powered submarine involves expensive research and development so, Brazilian navy has projected a cost of 2 billion Euros in the construction of first nuclear powered submarine for which funds will be paid to the French DCNS shipyard.

As per an agreement signed last year for the production of submarines, France and Brazil will work in the joint collaboration. They have decided to build 15 new submarines while 5 will be renovated. 

Brazil is trying to develop its defense outlay to claim its control on the continent for which protests have been made for permanent membership of the U. N. Security Council. Rival countries have noticed Brazilian’s massive expansion of naval forces against which they have already taken few steps like Argentina has decide to restore its nuclear development program this month. 

Brazil is a poor country but despite of its poverty, it has managed to produce highly qualified scientists and technicians for its defense industry. 

Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has brought enough attention and funds for the development of defense industry in Brazil, which was annihilated in Iraq-Iran war. He also invigorated the defense modernization which was left untouched since 1980’s when military was replaced by democratic rule. 

Brazilian’s officials claim that once this project gets completed, Brazilian navy forces would be most high-tech forces in South-America.

Brazil navy has taken this step in order to preserve their oil and gas resources. In total a fleet of 26 submarines will be manufactured among which the conventional submarines will be building up in two batches with the first batch of 15 new sub. These submarines would be little larger than the French vessels.

Earlier Brazilian’s are supposed to work under restrictions laid down by U. S. administrations in the fields of reprocessing, missile programs, uranium mining and fuel processing but in 1980’s Brazil has taken a bold step and purchased nuclear materials and equipment from West Germany and at present it has two nuclear power plants in operation and one under construction. (source