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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cmdr of Guam Based USS Buffalo Relieved

Guam - The Commander of the Guam based USS Buffalo (SSN-715), Christopher M. Henry, has been relieved "due to loss of confidence in his ability to command."

The announcement was made by the Public Affairs Officer for Submarine Group 7, Lt. Commander Greg Kuntz.

The USS Buffalo is a nuclear powered fast attack submarine assigned to Squadron 15 based here in Guam. Squadron 15 reports to Group 7 based in Yokosuka Japan.
Lt. Cmdr. Kuntz says that Squadron 15 Commodore, Captain Douglas E. Wright relieved Commander Henry "due to loss of confidence" in Henry's "ability to command."

Kuntz states that Capt. Wright deemed it necessary to relieve Commander Henry  because of  the "failure of Cmdr. Henry to meet the high Navy standards necessary to remain in command."

Kuntz stated that the action was taken following "a routine assessment when some issues were identified." He says there was never any concern about the safety of the ship and he stated that the action shows that the system works.

Commander Henry has been temporarily re-assigned to other duties within Squadron 15.
Henry's Deputy, Commander Michael D. Lewis has taken over Command of the USS Buffalo which is currently under going maintenance here on Guam.

Cmdr. Henry was only recently appointed Commander of the USS Buffalo taking over from the sub's former, Cmdr. Scott W. Pappano, this past August 7th.(Orignal News)

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