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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

KVH to support Navy torpedoes

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Rhode Island-based KVH announced it will provide its TG-6000 inertial measurement units to support navigation requirements in the anti-submarine warfare MK54 torpedoes for the Navy.

Under the $6.4 million order, KVH will deliver its fiber-optic gyro-based TG-6000 units that officials say will measure the MK54's rate and acceleration in a three-axis configuration for the weapon system's navigation.

"The integration of the KVH TG-6000 within the MK54 torpedo clearly validates the precision, performance, robust design, and value offered by our fiber optic gyro technology and our inertial measurement units in particular," Jay Napoli, KVH vice president for fiber optic gyro sales, said in a statement.
"We are honored that the TG-6000 is a part of the technology that the U.S. Navy uses to complete missions and protect the United States and its allies around the world." (Original News)
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