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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Iran subs get boost from North Korea

U.S. Navy confirms rogue nation working on underwater stealth technology

Iranian Sub

The U.S. Navy, worried by Iran's increasing underwater capability, has revealed for the first time that the rogue nation has acquired its submarine technology largely from North Korea, which has provided both mini-submarines and manufacturing know-how, according to a report from Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

The revelation comes as the Office of Naval Intelligence, or ONI, recently released its latest report on Iran's conventional navy, with the observation that Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, or IRGC, is working on programs to achieve an underwater stealth capability.

"Submarines will probably remain a key feature of Iran's naval order of battle," the ONI report said. "Iran is the only country in the Persian Gulf region with submarines, and Iranian naval leaders have stated publicly that they believe submarines are a better value than other weapons systems."

ONI made its disclosures in a report titled, "Iran's Naval Forces: From Guerrilla Warfare to a Modern Naval Strategy." For undisclosed reasons, however, that report later was removed from the ONI website.

For some two decades, North Korea has been known to be involved in developing midget submarines primarily for special operations purposes.

Indeed, the Department of Defense in the late 1980s was involved in halting the export of a mini-submarine from Germany to North Korea. North Korean sailors were in Germany at the time testing the craft on the Rhein River when the export and testing was halted at high political levels at U.S. initiative.

It is possible that North Korea developed its indigenous production know-how from Germany. Today, North Korea not only indigenously produces mini-submarines but is known to have exported its know-how – as it has done with its missile technology – to certain countries, such as Iran.

Iran itself is known to have been looking for a long time for mini-submarine technology and in the 1980s initially had gone to an Italian firm which also was assisting Iraq's Saddam Hussein at the time in developing a production capability.

Iran and Pakistan similarly have been involved in acquiring and sharing the Italian technology to produce their own mini-submarines.

The ONI report said that Iran had acquired the Kajami and Gahjae-class semi-submersible from North Korea. The North Koreans refer to the Kajami class as the Taedong-B and call the Gahjae-class semi-submersible the Taedong-C.

Iran reportedly has a small number of the Taedong-Bs and Taedong-Cs. Both are said to be equipped with lightweight torpedoes which have a range of between 3.7 miles to 6.2 miles.

These boats are designed to wait, partially submerged, for a target, then attack at high speed on the surface, or approach at high speed and then submerge for the final stage of the attack. (Original News)