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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Navy Swapping 1 Of 3 Guam-based Submarines

The Navy is moving one of its three Guam-based submarines to Hawaii and plans to replace it with another submarine currently based in Virginia.

The U.S. Pacific Fleet submarine force said Tuesday that the USS City of Corpus Christi is to be moved from Guam to Pearl Harbor. The Norfolk, Va.-based USS Oklahoma City is due to replace the Corpus Christi.

The swap is expected between next fall and spring of 2011.

The Navy says the moves keep its most technologically advanced submarines in Guam, allowing the U.S. to maintain its military dominance at sea in the region.

The Navy says the changes won't result in any long-term increase in the number of submarines assigned to Guam, though there may be a short-term increase during the changeover.original news