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Monday, January 4, 2010

Class 214 & 209 Families

The Class 214 submarines were developed by HDW on the basis of the proven design principles of the family of Class 209 submarines.


In addition, innovative systems from the Class 212A boats were also integrated in the design. The net result was and is an air-independent but non-nuclear submarine with exceptional technical and operational capabilities, featuring extraordinarily developed stealth characteristics and an impressive weapon and sensor payload. Thanks to its modular design, the Class 214 submarine can be equipped with a wide range of optional systems depending on the requirements of the customer navy.Other exceptional features of the Class 214 submarine are:
  • Considerably extended submerged endurance and low detectability due to incorporation of the proven fuel cell system for air-independent propulsion
  • Minimised acoustic, thermal and magnetic signatures as a result of the mature design and the advanced production technology
  • Increased diving depth capabilities
  • Improved living conditions for the crew
The Class 214 submarine meets all operational requirements for missions in both shallow and deep water areas. Submarines of this class are now being built for the Hellenic and Korean Navies.

Technical Data
Length o.a.

approx. 65 m
Pressure hull diameter

approx. 6.3 m
Surface displacement

approx. 1,700 t
Height from sail

approx. 13 m
Torpedo tubes




Submerged Patrol Speed of Advance 6kt
Range 12,000nm
Mission Endurance 12 weeks
Constantly Submerged Three weeks without snorkelling
Mission Sprint Speed 15kt to 20kt Maximum Dive Depth 400m+

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Class 209 / 1400 mod

In 1967 Howaldtswerke in Kiel signed a contract for the delivery of four Class 209 submarines to the then Royal Hellenic Navy. This contract marked the beginning of the long success story of submarines belonging to the Class 209 family.
So far 63 boats of different types have been built in this class. Just the Class 209/1400mod - the youngest member of the family - now accounts for 7 boats currently being built, at the test stage or already commissioned. A common feature to all submarines of Class 209 is their pressure hull diameter, which has been approximately 6.2 m from the first to the most recent boat.

Advances in technology and increasing operational requirements made by HDW's naval customers mean that the boats ordered and built at the end of the 1960s can of course hardly be compared with those designed and built today. The displacement of the first boats was about 1,000 t but this has now increased by up to 50% in some cases.

The increase in dimensions was necessary in order to install new, future-orientated equipment and to provide the crew with modern accommodation facilities. It has also been possible to take customers' wishes such as extended range or improved indiscretion rates/snorkel times into consideration.

Main data Class 209/1400mod
Length over all

approx. 62 m
Pressure hull Ø

6.2 m
Surface displacement

approx. 1,450t
Number of torpedo tubes