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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fire on BAE Systems Barrow submarine

A FIRE broke out on board a £1bn submarine in Barrow last night.

Five fire engines raced to the Devonshire Dock Hall after the fire started in cabling and ducting inside the Astute class submarine Ambush.


A Cumbria Fire and Rescue service spokesman said the fire was eventually put out by two firefighters with a hosereel, and BAE staff also deployed a fine water spray system.

An investigation has begun into how the blaze started, which is the second of its class and is expected to be rolled out and launched later this year.


A fire spokesman said: “Thankfully the fire was not deep inside the submarine but as you can imagine it was not the easiest place to fight a fire. It was a small fire and there was no damage to the superstructure.“ (source timesandstar)