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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brazilian president committed to refurbishment of Armed Forces

Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva reiterated his administration's commitment to the refurbishment of the country's Armed Forces on Monday.

In a ceremony presenting the country's new generals in Brasilia, the president said the army received a shipment of 34 combat vehicles last week, the first of many of this kind.

"Until 2030, there will be 3,000 combat vehicles," he said.

President Lula also commented on the purchase of 36 fighter jets, which have been under negotiation. According to Lula, the government's final decision on the jet procurement would be announced in early January next year. The jets involved in the negotiation are France's Rafale, the United States' F-18 and Sweden's Gripen NG.

Additionally, President Lula stressed the importance of the nuclear submarine to the country. The submarine will be built in Brazil under an agreement signed with France, which was announced earlier this year.
The president also said that Brazil's Armed Forces need to be recognized for their roles in programs such as the Minustah, the UN's mission in Haiti, in the fight against dengue fever in the northeastern state of Bahia, and in the support they provide to airmail services and hospitals in the Amazon rainforest region. (Original News)
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