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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Where is Russia's navy

The face of Russia's navy near future - for example, sample 2015, when will the current operating state armaments program - already some clear specialists. Enough to see which vessels are being built for the Navy now, because only they will go to the fleet in the next five years. Day of the Navy "Power" has decided to give readers the opportunity.

Navy did not accidentally considered one of the most conservative and inertial military spheres. Already from the very process of shipbuilding anything else we should not wait: the design, and construction lasts for years and decades. Therefore, it is safe to say that is exactly what is now on the stocks, will be the main component of Russia's Navy combat-ready by 2015. For now, the average age of existing ships is already more than 20 years, ie after 5-10 years, all these veterans will be little in the can.

However, the same facts and figures of modern Russia's shipbuilding reality can be interpreted in exactly the opposite. For example, you could write: "It is similar to the delivery of the submarine fleet headaches of various types. Tangible completion strike capability of the Navy will project 955 submarine missile carrier Yuri Dolgoruky, 885 multipurpose nuclear submarine Severodvinsk with cruise missiles" Onyx "and silent diesel Lada "677-year project.

Or you may like this: "It is similar to the delivery of the submarine fleet headaches of various types. But it is unclear what to do with the replenishment of: Project 955 for the missile is not ready to launch the Bulava, because of underfunding may postpone planned for 2011 commissioning of the project 885 ( and so under construction for 16 years), the Lada is still not working sonar system and the main power plant. "

You can rejoice that the 16 shipyards are building for the entire 38 Navy ships, submarines, boats and vessels of 25 different projects, developed 11 design bureaus. This will provide support at the appropriate level of design and production school and will maintain a balance between different classes of ships within the fleet.

To this we can reply that nowhere in the world is such a "zoo". It is unclear as to ensure the repair and supply spare parts for such a variety of types of craft. Already, for example, the Navy of Russia is just eight patrol - but seven different projects! And soon it should add to the eighth - Frigate project 22350. And this despite the fact that throughout the world are building as small as possible типажом, but most large batches - in order to reduce the cost of construction and operation.

Around this debate are the admirals with independent experts, and it can carry on indefinitely. And both sides are right. But there are things to argue about which is difficult. For example, that the main threat to Russia's Navy is not coming from the Pentagon or the British Admiralty. The main threat lies in the purely plain areas - financial. Even at the peak of oil prices construction and laying ships were financed with tangible disruptions, and with the onset of the crisis further stalled. Now the money is spent not on the tab of new ships, and on the completion of already laid. So admirals, daydreaming about marine aircraft complexes (abbreviated - the MAC, so now are called carriers of the future), yet have to deal with the completion of most other MAC - both in the Soviet period designated small artillery ships. As is known, the rank below the ships do not exist.

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