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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Scientists ready for Centaur search

It was an Australian wartime disaster of incredible loss, and so close to home.
The sinking of the Australian Hospital Ship (AHS) Centaur off Brisbane was in fact one of the nation's worst maritime disasters.
A total of 268 non-combatants died when Centaur was torpedoed by Japanese submarine I-177 in May 1943.
After 36 hours clinging to wreckage, 64 people were rescued.
The Centaur has never been found.
But a group of scientists and explorers, armed with millions of dollars worth of equipment, are making preparations to search an area more than 59km wide, 30km east of Moreton Island.
The ship is believed to be in up to 4000m of water on rough, sloping terrain.
Leading the charge will be the Seahorse Spirit, a 72m multi-purpose vessel normally hired for training by the navy.
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