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Friday, November 20, 2009


* Along with Termit derivatives, the Chinese have also developed an air-launched ASM said to be derived from the Exocet, designated the "C-801". The resemblance is actually slight, though it is in a similar class to the Exocet and is powered by a solid-fuel rocket. It can be fired from ship, shore battery, or aircraft.


CHETA - China Hai Yang [Sea Eagle] Electro-Mechanical Technology - CASC 3rd Academy
Entered Service

Total length
5.81 m
0.36 m
1.18 m
625 kg (not including booster)
Warhead Weight
165 kg HE
one solid rocket engine, one solid booster
Maximum Speed

Maximum effective range
8-42 km
Guidance mode
automatic control + homing
Single-shot hit probability

The C-801 led to the "C-802", which features a turbojet engine instead of a solid-fuel rocket engine. Iran has obtained the C-801 and C-802; one such missile passed on to the Lebanese Hezbollah Shiite militia was used to attack an Israeli patrol boat during the fighting in the summer of 2006. It damaged the patrol boat and sank a small Egyptian freighter.
The Chinese are also believed to have built a number of other antiship missiles in various classes and with a confusing array of designations, but details remain unclear and not all appear to have been actually put into service.