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Monday, November 16, 2009

Rusian project Summary

Submarines and underwater vehicles
Nuclear missile-carrying submarines
Project AV611 large submarine
Project 629A cruiser submarine
Project 658 (658M) nuclear cruiser submarine
Project 667A strategic missile-carrying submarine
Project 605 large missile-carrying submarine
Project 601 large missile-carrying submarine
Project 701 cruiser submarine
Project 667B strategic missile-carrying submarine
Project 667BD strategic missile-carrying submarine
Project 667BDR strategic missile-carrying submarine
Project 941 strategic missile-carrying submarine
Project 667BDRM strategic missile-carrying submarine
Project 955 strategic missile-carrying submarine

Cruise-missile-carrying submarines

Project 644 diesel-electric cruise-missile-carrying submarine
Project 665 cruise-missile-carrying diesel-electric submarine
Project 659 nuclear-powered cruiser submarine
Project 651 (651K, 651E) large rank 1 missile-carrying submarine
Project 675 nuclear cruiser submarine
Project 661 nuclear-powered cruiser submarine
Project 670 nuclear-powered cruise-missile-carrying submarine
Project 670M multipurpose nuclear-powered submarine
Project 949A missile-carrying cruiser submarine
Project 667AT multipurpose missile-carrying nuclear submarine
Project 885 multipurpose nuclear-powered submarine
Missile/torpedo-carrying submarines

Project 613 diesel-electric submarine
Project 611 large diesel-electric submarine
Project A615 small submarine
Project 641 large diesel-electric submarine
Projects 627 and 627A nuclear-powered cruiser submarines
Project 633 medium diesel-electric submarine
Project 671 nuclear-powered cruiser submarine
Project 645 nuclear-powered cruiser submarine
Projects 705 and 705K nuclear-powered cruiser submarines
Project 671RT large nuclear-powered submarine
Project 671RTM (671RTMK) large submarine
Project 641B large torpedo-carrying submarine
Project 877 large diesel-electric submarine
Project 865 small submarine
Project 685 deep-sea nuclear-powered submarine
Projects 945 and 945A multipurpose nuclear submarines
Project 971 multipurpose nuclear-powered submarine
Project 636 diesel-electric submarine
Project 690 target submarine
Project 940 rescue submarine
Triton-2 small submarine for carriage of scuba divers
Triton-1M small submarine for carriage of scuba divers
Underwater vehicles
Project 1825 Sever-2 deep-sea vehicle
Protey-Kh diver's tow-vehicle
Project 1832 Poisk-2 deep-sea vehicle
Project 1837K rescue underwater vehicle
Project 18270 self-contained rescue deep-sea vehicle
Project 1841 self-contained deep-sea vehicle
Project 1839 self-contained underwater working vehicle
Project 1855 rescue deep-sea vehicle
Project 1906 Poisk-6 deep-sea vehicle
Rapan small-size cable-controlled submersible vehicle
Project 16810 Rus' self-contained self-propelled deep-sea vehicle
Marina underwater three-seat vehicle
SOM-1 Skin diver towing craft
Protey-1 diver towing craft Aqua-ChS self-contained remotely controlled complex
Handling complexes of underwater vehicles
Surface ships
Aircraft-carrying ships
Project 1123 anti-submarine cruiser
Project 1143 heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser
Project 1143.4 (Admiral Gorshkov) heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser
Project 1143.5 (Admiral Kuznetsov) heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser
Project 68 bis light cruiser
Project 68A light cruiser
Project 58 missile-carrying cruiser
Project 1134 missile-carrying cruiser
Project 1164 missile cruiser
Project 1144 heavy missile cruiser
Project 1144.2 heavy missile cruiser
Large anti-submarine and missile ships
Project 57A large anti-submarine ship
Project 61 large anti-submarine ship
Project 61MP large missile ship
Project 1134A large anti-submarine ship
Project 1134B large anti-submarine ship
Project 1155 large anti-submarine ship
Project 1155.1 large anti-submarine ship
 Project 30 bis destroyer
Project 56 destroyer
Project 956 destroyer
Escort ships
Projects 50 and 50PLO escort ship
Project 35, 35M escort ship
Project 159, 159A, 159M escort ship
Project 1135 escort ship
Project 1135M escort ship
Project 1135.1 escort ship
Project 1135.2 escort ship
Project 11540 multipurpose escort ship
Project 11661 Gepard escort ship
Project 1135.6 frigate
Project 11541 Corsair escort ship (version)
Project 20380 corvette Project 1159T escort ship
Small missile ships and missile boats
Project 183R small missile boat
Project 205 large missile boat
Project 206MR large missile boat
Project 1241.1 large missile boat
Project 1241.1T large missile boat
Project 1234 small missile ship
Project 1234.1 small missile ship
Project 1239 air cushion missile craft
Project 903 missile-carrying ekranoplan (wing-in-ground-effect-machine)
Project 12418 missile boat
Project 1242.1 Molniya large missile boat
Project 1234.7 small missile ship
Project 1240 small missile ship
Motor torpedo-boats
Project 123K small motor torpedo-boat
Project 183 large motor torpedo-boat
Project 206 large torpedo boat
Project 206M large torpedo boat
Small anti-submarine ships and patrol boats
Project 204 small anti-submarine ship
Project 1124 small anti-submarine ship
Project 1124M small anti-submarine ship
Project 133.1M small anti-submarine ship
Project 1241.2 small anti-submarine ship
Project 1141 small anti-submarine ship
Project 1241PE small anti-aubmarine ahip
Project 10410 border-guard patrol ship
Project 205P border-guard patrol ship
Project 14310 Mirage patrol boat
Projects 12150 and 12150V Mongoose patrol boat
Project 14170 Terrier patrol boat
Project 14232 Mercury patrol boat
Project 12260 Yastreb patrol boat
Project 10412 Svetlyak patrol boat
Project 1400M border-guard patrol boat
Project 13987 Boyets fast patrol boat
Project 18623 Mustang-2 fast patrol boat
Project 20910 Chilim border-guard air cushion patrol boat
Project 1208 small gun-carrying ship
Project 1204 gunboat
Project 12130 river shallow border-guard boat
Projects 254, 254K, 254A, 254M sea-going minesweeper
Project 266 sea-going minesweeper
Project 266M sea-going minesweeper
Project 12660 sea-going minesweeper
Project 1265 coastal minesweeper
Project 10750 inshore minesweeper
Project 1258 inshore minesweeper
Project 1259 (1259.2) inshore (river) minesweeper
Projects 1300, 13000 Inshore (river) minesweeper
Project 1225.5 inshore (river) driver
Project 317 mine and net barrage layer

Landing Ships
Project 1171 large landing ship
Project 1174 large landing ship
Project 775 large landing ship
Projects 771, 771A medium landing ship
Project 1232.1 air cushion small landing craft
Project 1232.2 air cushion small landing craft
Project 904 small landing wing-in-ground-effect craft (ekranoplan)
Project 1206 air cushion landing boat
Project 12061 air cushion landing boat
Project 1205 air cushion assault boat
Serna air-cavern assault/landing boat
Project 12061E air cushion assault boat

Support ships
Special-Purpose Ships
Project 887 training ship
Project 310 submarine tender
Project 304 floating workshop
Project 1833 complex supply ship
Project 1941 metering complex ship
Project 1914 metering complex ship
Project 1909 measuring complex ship
Sea launch system for launching reusable spacecraft by means of heavy wing-in ground-effect machines
Hydrographic Ships
Project 852 oceanographic research ship
Project 976 oceanographic research ship
Project 862 hydrographic ship
Project 16611 large hydrographic boat
Base support ships
Project 141 killector
Project 145 killector
Project 1806 physical fields measuring vessel
Project 1799 degaussing ship
Project 130 degaussing ship
Project 10680 sea armament transport
Project 11570 sea armament transport
Project 1595 border-guard transport
Zolotoy Rog class supply tanker
Project 1559.V naval supply tanker
Project 11510 radioactive waste transport and treatment ship
Rescue ships and search and rescue facilities
Project 537 rescue ship
Project 527M rescue ship
Project 1452 ocean-going rescue ship
Project 530 ship-lifting vessel
Project 714 sea-going tug
Project 712 sea-going tug
Project 745 sea-going tug
Project 535 sea-going diving vessel
Project 1893 fire-fighting ship
Project 14613 Mars fire-fighting ship
Spasatel wing-in-ground-effect machine (ekranoplan)
Project 320 hospital ship

Submariner life-saving outfit (SSP)
SVV-86 ventilated diving outfit
SLVI-71 lightweight diving outfit
SVU-3 multipurpose diving outfit
SVU-4 multipurpose diving outfit

Unrealized projects Submarines
Project 632 mine laying submarine
Project 648 large transport/mine laying submarine
Project 664 large transport-landing/mine laying submarine
Project 717 large landing-transport/mine laying submarine
Project 748 transport/landing nuclear submarine
Surface ships
Project 23 battleship
Project 1231 small submergible missile ship
Project 82 heavy cruiser
Project 1143.7 heavy aircraft-carrying Cruiser
New projects and technologies
Project 31511 Steregushchy border-guard patrol ship
Project 11511 Novik border-guard patrol ship
Project 31513U Berkut small missile ship
Projects 23505 Sokol-Patrul and 23506 Sokol-Perekhvat border-guard patrol boats
Project 12300 Scorpio gun-missile boat
Corvettes, versions XXI-1, XXI-2, XXI-3, XXI-4
Patrol boat
Escort ship


SDK-1700 medium landing ship
Gepard-3.2 escort ship (a version of Project 11661 escort ship)
Gepard-3.9 escort ship (a version of Project 11661 escort ship)
Gepard-5.1 ocean-going escort ship (a version of Project 11661 escort ship)
Gepard-5.3 escort ship (a version of Project 11661 escort ship)

Shelf air-cavern transport/landing boat
Project 11711E large landing ship
Diesel-electric submarines of Amur type
Multipurpose non-nuclear submarines P-130, P-170, Piranha-T, P-650 and P-750
Underwater drilling complex
Complex of underwater technical facilities to recover gas and condensate at arctic deep-sea field
Complex of floating means used to bury marine pipelines and perform bed-deepening operations
Wave-proof forms of seaborne Objects brief
Characteristics of ship armament
Ballistic missiles
Cruise missiles
Air defense missile weapons
Anti-submarine weapons
Torpedo weapons
Aircraft and helicopters
Laboratory facilities, centers and testing ranges
Experimental and laboratory facilities of Academician A.N. Krylov Central
Research Institute Research and Testing Range at the 1st Central Research Institute of the RF MoD
Special Design Bureau of Moscow Power Engineering Institute
Testing Facilities of Engineering Research and Production Association
Technical Systems Safety Research Center AT RF MOD
RF navy combat forces training center
Enterprises and Organizations of the Navy and industry
Navy shipbuilding department 1st Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
40th State Research Institute of Rescue Work, Diving and Deep-Sea Operations

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