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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SUT (Surface Underwater Target)


Anti-surface vessel and anti-submarine torpedo.
Developed in 1975, the Surface and Underwater Target (SUT) torpedo is the export version of the DM1 Seeschlange and is the most versatile member of the Seal, Seeschlange and SST 4 family of torpedoes. It is a dual-purpose wire-guided torpedo for engaging both surface and submarine targets. The SUT can be launched from submarines and surface vessels, from fixed locations or mobile shore stations. Its electrical propulsion permits variable speed in accordance with tactical requirements, silent running and wakelessness. The wire guidance gives immunity to interference with a two-way datalink between vessel and torpedo. The acoustic homing head has long acquisition ranges (active - 1 n mile; passive - 3 n miles) and a wide search sector for active and passive operation. After termination of wire guidance, SUT continues operation as a highly intelligent homing torpedo, with internal guidance programmes for target search, target loss and so on. The large payload with combined fuze systems ensures the optimum effect of explosive power. The three-speed motors drive 5/7-bladed contra-rotating propellers. The SUT operates at great depths, as well as in very shallow waters. Consort operation permits exploitation of the full over-the-horizon range of the SUT. The body is made of plastic or aluminium. SUT at present exists in three different versions with slight differences in the internal guidance programs and the extent of data transferred via the guidance wire. The latest version is SUT Mod 2 with its special feature of additional data from the homing head being signalled back.

Ship Class Used On Surface ships and Submarines Date Of Design 1967 Date In ServiceSST-3:  1972

SST-4:  1980 Weight 3,116 lbs. (1,414 kg) Overall Length 239 in. (6.080 m) Explosive Charge 573 lbs. (260 kg)Range / Speed 13,100 yards (12,000 m) / 35 knots
30,600 yards (28,000 m) / 23 knots Power Silver-zinc battery Notes:  SUT = Surface and Underwater Target.  Wire-guided anti-ship torpedo.  Has passive homing capability.  When launched by surface ships, these torpedoes are fired back over the stern with the tail facing forward.  In service with many nations and with Indonesia producing license copies.