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Friday, November 13, 2009

MGK-500 automated sonar complex

Designed to detect and classify targets, determine target designation data and ensure the safety of navigation. Installed on medium and large-tonnage submarines.
The complex consists of:
- listening equipment;
- echo-ranging equipment;
- sonar signal detection equipment;
- communication and identification eqipment;
- infrasonic frequency band target detection equipment;
- MG-519 anchor mine and mine nest unified sonar system;
- MG-518 upward-beam fathometer carried by deep-water submarines and designed to measure the thickness and record profile of the underwater ice, and measure the submarine diving depth;
- MG-533 sonar system used to measure sound velocity in the water;
- NOR-1 ice lane, water opening and separate ice-floe detection and warning system;
- NOK-1 system designed to ensure safe surfacing in water openings and ice lanes;
- MG-512 screw propeller cavitation assessment device.