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Friday, November 13, 2009

Projek 613 submarine, NATO code name "Whiskey" class

1956-1957. 256 Whiskey class submarines were built on 9 different shipyards in the Soviet Union.
Material: Steel, pressure hull thickness 25-30 mm. Max diving depth secret but said to be around 500'.

Length: 75.2 meters
Beam: 6.3 meters
Draft: 3 meters in fore, 4.8 in aft.

1050 tons surfaced, 1350 tons submerged. Today batteries and some other equipment is removed and the displacement today could be around 700 tonnes.

Main engine:

2 x 37-D diesels, 2000 bHp each. Diesel-electric running. Smaller 150 kW electric engines for creep drive.
Engines new 1987.
Cruising speed: Surface speed 17-18 knots. Submerged 13-14 knots.

Diesel - 120 000 litres giving a range of 12-15 000 nautical miles.