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Friday, November 13, 2009

Spain's S-80 Submarines Sonar Array System Completes In-Water Testing

Lockheed Martin Sonar Array System for Spain's S-80 Diesel Electric Submarines Completes In-Water Testing

MANASSAS, VA, November 12th, 2009 -- Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] successfully completed in-water testing of a new cylindrical array sonar system for Spain's S-80 class diesel electric submarines at the U.S. Navy's Underwater Test Facility at Seneca Lake, N.Y.

The cylindrical array is the primary acoustic sensor for submerged operations. It consists of a special hydrophone configuration that is unique to every platform. Lockheed Martin designed and developed the S-80's new array under a 2005 contract from the Spanish government to provide the submarine's integrated combat system.

In addition to the cylindrical array sonar, the S-80's integrated combat system also will contain a flank array sonar and a passive ranging sonar, as well as mine and obstacle detection sonar. The flank and passive ranging sonars were successfully tested in June. The sonars are designed, manufactured and assembled by Lockheed Martin's Undersea Systems business in Manassas, Va. and Syracuse, N.Y.

The new S-80 integrated combat system leverages proven commercial technology used on the U.S. Navy's Virginia, Seawolf and Los Angeles class submarines, as well as Lockheed Martin's experience as the lead contractor for the U.S. Navy's Acoustic Rapid Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Insertion program since its inception in 1996. This experience with the Navy has influenced the company's work on exportable versions of sonar array systems specifically for non-nuclear submarines, including Lockheed Martin's forward and back-fit scalable International Diesel-Electric Submarine Integrated Combat System (SUBICS).

"These successful tests are important milestones towards satisfying key deliveries for the S-80 submarine program and also provide substantial risk mitigation prior to installation on the actual submarine," explained Al Simpson, program management director, International Submarines and Coastal Systems for Lockheed Martin. "The delivery of the entire open architecture, COTS-based, integrated combat system for S-80 will usher in a new and important capability for diesel-electric submarines."

COTS - Commercial Off-The-Shelf
SUBICS - Submarine Integrated Combat System
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S-80 Submarine

(4 units have been ordered by the Spanish Navy and are actually under construction. Another 2 units are possible to be ordered as well).


Kind of submarine: SSK
Displacement (Surface): 2.200 t
Displacement (Submerged): 2.426 t
Length: 71,05 m
Beam: 11,68 m
Draught: 6,02 m
  • 3 diesel engines
  • 1 electric engine
  • 1 AIP reactor
Speed (Surface): 12 knots
Speed (Submerged): 19 knots
  • 50/60 days of navigation in surface
  • 20/30 days of navigation submerged at 4 knots
  • 3 Officers
  • 4 Subofficers
  • 25 sailors
  • 8 Special Forces soldiers
  • 6 x 533mm torpedo launchers
  • DM2/A4 Torpedos
  • Mk48 Torpedos
  • Sub-Harpoon Block II missiles
  • Tomahawk TacTom Cruise missiles (range about 1600 km)